Bring Every Game to Blockchain
Super Game Chain’s mission is to unleash creativity and innovation in gaming. We serve the entire gaming ecosystem and our technology is faster, scalable and more secure than today’s leading infrastructures.
Our solution empowers developers to launch and market their creative visions independently as well as interact with and facilitate feedback from gamers on new game concepts. We enable gamers to invest in, rate and play brand new games. Plus, Super Game Chain also provides the technology for gaming companies to run their platforms on. We aim to disrupt the gaming industry financially and technologically!

An Open-source Gaming Platform That…

•  Empowers developers to raise the funds to market and finance their games independently.
• Enables a unique gamer to game developer relationship that allows for feedback throughout the game development phase and can lead to an even stronger and more innovative product.
• Offers behavioral targeting, which enables you to reach your audience more efficiently.
• Allows gamers to invest in, rate and play brand new games.

A Superior Smart Contract Supported Blockchain for Gaming Companies to Run Their Platform On

•  Bitcoin completes 6 transactions per second and Ethereum completes 15 per second.
• To date, SGC has achieved 4,000 transactions/second, with a confirmation time of < 1 minute.
• Our technology is superior to Ethereum, which can’t sufficiently support the high throughput, high scalability requirements of most games.
• SGC enables you to bypass traditional fundraising channels and get your games to market faster and more efficiently.
• Our behavioral targeting enables you to reach your end users directly without having to fund hefty advertising costs.
• SGC will be open-source and available to all gaming platforms.
• We are a champion of the indie developer – where real innovation comes from.
• Gamers can contribute in any way and they will be financially rewarded with SGCC tokens.
• A fun, fair, powerful and profitable gaming world for gamers.
• A reliable, easier, and safer way for developers to raise funds and market their games to a more targeted audience, while solving the issues with fraudulent game payments and ad clicks.
• Currency system across all games that are on the ecosystem.
• A decentralized, protected real identity profile for each gamer.

The Chain

The Wallet

The Ecosystem