Super Game Chain

Dear Investors,

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully completed our Private placement. Our token will be listed in exchanges under the token code of "SGCC" shortly. Please subscribe to our telegram channel for latest info, and join our telegram group to exchange info with the SGC community. Interested institutional investors, please contact us at: invest@sgchain.io.

Super Game Chain Team

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SGC Abstract
      Super Game Chain (“SGC”) is an organic game ecosystem built on decentralized smart contracts. The platform will fundamentally disrupt the traditional game platform concept. For gamers, this will be a fun, fair, and safe game world. For developers, SGC will fix the prevailing issues in the current gaming industry such as fraudulent ads clicks and fraudulent payment, as well as inconvenient, inconsistent, expensive payment systems. SGC will also provide a complete economy system that ensures better income for developers. For advertisers, this will put you in front of your curated target audience in a most native and direct way. The cross-platform SGC will be launched in the global market to support multiple languages.
      SGChain will provide the Private placement smart contract to global game developers to facilitate the trading of the ingame currency with the SGC currency, and make the currencies of different games interchangeable via the common SGC coin.
Your Benefits
Anonymous and Trusted
Your information is encrypted in the blockchain. Within the ecosystem you will be linked to an ID that is public, while your identity is concealed.
Ownership of Your Data and Privacy
Unlike Facebook, Weibo, Twitter and Instagram, with SGC, you decide if you want to share your social media engagement with advertisers on the platform, or choose not to.
Monetization of Your Data
You will get rewarded with SGC for creating a profile, inviting your friends, reading and sharing content, and promoting products. We believe that you are the most important person in a social media platform, so you should be rewarded for using social media, not us.
System Framework
SGC Token Release Plan
Token Distribution
From 8:00 on January 20th to 11:59 p. m. January 23rd SGT
  • 30%  Users,Games and Apps
  • 20%  Developing Team
  • 20%  Ecosystem Building
  • 30%  Private placement
Management Team
Toni Xu
Toni is the co-founder and CEO of Narvalous, a North American cross-platform game developer and distributor, co-founded with Jay Tang in 2010.
Several games, including the ground-breaking vCruise,are part of the company’s diverse portfolio she built.
Previously, she was senior developer and General Manager at leading Facebook developer, RockYou.
Toni is a 2001 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in computer information management, received a Master's degree and the Outstanding Graduate Award.
Britt Morris
Britt has been pushing the boundaries of video game technology for over twenty years.
Driving technology organizations for industry leaders such as SEGA, DreamWorks Animation, and Disney. Most recently, Mr. Morris designed, architected, and led the development of Particle City’s Virtu mobile social game platform, showcased with the acclaimed Titanfall: Assault for iOS and Android phones and tablets, which features support for real-time synchronous head-to-head play and scales to millions of daily active users.
Britt was also involved deeply in the live operations of the game and platform, with recent expertise in user retention, live events, in-game messaging, and in-app purchases with fraud analysis and prevention.
Vincent Nguyen
Formerly a Senior Producer at Tencent and Senior Game Designer at Gameloft, Vince is currently the Founder and CEO of Faceroll Games Limited, a game development studio based in Shanghai, China.
Having experience in engineering, game design, platform design, digital arts, audio development, and production management, Vince provides the development team the vision, focus, management, and execution to ensure high quality output and efficiency.
Vince lead the team in developing Activision’s most profitable Call of Duty mobile game, Call of Duty: Heroes to $100MM+ lifetime revenue and over 50 million downloads, with over 2MM 4.5 star reviews avg. with nearly no UA spending.
Chuck Lam
Chief Platform Architect
Chuck Lam is an entrepreneur and operating executive in Silicon Valley for 20+ years.
He founded RollCall, an mobile service for organizing social gatherings, and sold it to StubHub (eBay).
He has raised funding from CRV, Kapor Capital, SV Angel, AngelPad, and other investors.
Before that he joined RockYou, a Sequoia-funded company, as employee #20 and led the growth of the engineering team to 100+ employees.
Kay Neuenhofen
Blockchain Developer
Kay has proven, rock-solid experience in system and application development, product deployment and performance tuning.
While at Sun Microsystems, he contributed to the implementation of the Java Virtual Machine, which runs on billions of devices world wide. At Netflix, Kay lead the development of the security and network components for the Netflix app for the PlayStation 3.
For the initial shipment, 50,000 discs were mailed to Netflix customers. He then lead the development of the Netflix app for the iPad.
The app was demoed by Steve Jobs at WWDC, and installed on millions of devices. Most recently, Kay led the development of several PlayStation apps for Major League Baseball, including a WWE app, and MLB app and an HBO app. The apps are running on 100,000s of devices around the US, and were developed under very tight deadlines.
Bill Conners
VP of Marketing
Mr. Connors has been long engaged in the field of consumer marketing strategy, strategic partnership, and product brand strategy and other senior management.
As MasterCard’s VP Marketing VP, he designed the famous MasterCard "Priceless" campaign that dominated the textbook history of advertising.
AI data analysis expert
Stanford University Master of Science and Engineering, majoring in entrepreneurship management.
Strengths are in utilizing data analysis to guide management strategy. Current research priorities are AI and machine learning.
Ramzi Ammari
Cryptocurrency Expert
Mr Ammari has a deep understanding of computer system hardware and software systems.
The software developed by its leadership is heavily used on Wall Street Nasdaq.
At present, he is Samsung’s Silicon Valley branch chief engineer, responsible for the development of secret products and projects.
Zhang Rui
Marketing Specialist
Nanjing University MBA.
Senior game analyst. Previously, a deputy general manager within the photography industry.
Jay Tang
Art Director and Operations
Jay Tang has over 10 years of experience in game and social platform. He co-founded Narvalous and helped many Chinese games, such as Wartune, to dramatically increase their revenue in Western market. Before Narvalous, Mr. Tang was art director at Playdom and Disney Interactive.
Paul Phillio
PR / Event Expert
Former Nexon USA PR and Marketing Manager and well-known Bay Area game industry and technology-focused content writer/editor and conference organizer.
Arthur Datangel
Business Development / PR
Former Tencent business development director, with over 20 years of video games and mobile industry experience.
In addition, he’s worked with Tencent, Samsung, Sega, Sony, Nokia and Playmates Toy and participated in the distribution of over 100 products.
Advisory Team
Fan Zhang
Fan was named “The Venture Capitalist of the Year 2007” by China Business News, and voted as one of “Top Venture Capitalists in China” by Global Entrepreneurs and ChinaVenture. In 2006 and 2007 Fan was selected as one of winners of the “Midas List - Top Venture Capitalists in China” by Forbes magazine.
Hongcai Guo
A.k.a. “Bao Er Ye”. Founding partner of Bitangel, focused on angel investment in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry. His portfolio spans over 500 startups and is still growing. Mr. Guo has been deeply involved across the full spectrum of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Thus, he has become renowned as the “the Bitcoin pioneer and messiah”.
Founding Partner of UpHonest Capital
Wei is a well-known early-stage investor in Silicon Valley. He has invested in over 200 Silicon Valley startups. He was one of the few to be cited as a “China Whisperer” by the Washington Post, and was one of the first Chinese investors to be featured on The Information. In 2016, Wei was listed as one of the Global Top 20 Best Cross-Border Early-Stage Investors by ChinaVenture as well as honored as the Most Active Angel Investor by ZAngels. In 2017, Wei was ranked as the number one angel investor in Artificial Intelligence by VentureBeats, and was recognized under both the Venture Capital and Big Money Startups categories of the Forbes 30 Under 30.
Andy Tian
Asia Innovations Group CEO
Successful serial entrepreneur (AIG, his fourth startup). Previously general manager of Zynga China and while at Google, introduced Android to China. MIT BS & MA degrees in computer science.
Yu Kai
Horizon Robot Company CEO
Yu was the former vice president of Baidu Research Institute, director of the Deep Learning Laboratory and the ninth group of the Central Organization Department "thousands of people plan" national experts, who are internationally renowned machine learning experts. He is the first in China to promote the technology research and innovation of big data AI in the Internet industry.
Masaru Ohnogi
Blockchain, VR/AR VC
Gumi's Head of Global Business Development. Established a $50 million virtual reality fund. The fund is currently incubating VR companies in Tokyo, Seoul and Northern Europe.
Jeongwoo Ko
Web Security, Search, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Expert
Dr. Ko holds Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. Currently a Google machine learning expert. Her research interests include machine learning, cybersecurity, information retrieval, machine language processing and other collaborations. Prior to joining Google, she was responsible for cybersecurity and search at Oracle Corp. in Silicon Valley and LG Corp. in Korea.
Wu Ping
Venture capitalist and experienced executive
Dr. Wu Ping is the co-founder of Summitview Capital Venture Capital Funds. Dr. Wu was the co-founder, president, CEO, and the chairman of Spread rum Communications Inc, a Nasdaq listed leading fabless semiconductor provider in China with advanced technology in 2G, 3G, and 4G standards.
Henry Lin
Game Marketing Specialist
Over 10 years of experience and building strong relationships in the gaming industry, focusing on marketing and operations in the gaming market.
Jeff Kao
Advertising expert
Jeff has focused on Alibaba's e-commerce platform for many years as global marketing strategic partner. He is also an experienced Facebook PMD (Preferential Marketing Clerk) and Advertising Reseller.
Mark Hale
Cryptocurrency expert
Dr. Mark Hale invests in, owns, and sells a number of companies in cryptocurrencies, payment systems and the mobile industry.
Founding Partner,Chief Strategy Officer, Energy Blockchain Labs Chief Expert of Blockchain, China Cinda
Mr. Cao Yin is the Founding Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of the Energy Blockchain Labs, the world first company focused on blockchain technology energy and green finance application.He also is the Chief Expert of Blockchain of China Cinda Security, which is the IBD of China Cinda, the biggest finance asset mgt. company in China.
Partners & Investors & Media
Partners & Clients

January 8, 2018.

Register Cayman company.

January 31, 2018.

Private placement Complete.

Feburary 28, 2018.

Complete Platform Strategy Design Documents

- Techincal Design Docs

- Platform Design Docs

- Blockchain Design Docs

- Economy Design Docs

Complete Prototype development of game basic system

March 18, 2018.

Continue Development of platform/reiterate:

- Techincal Design Docs

- Platform Design Docs

- Blockchain Design Docs

- Economy Design Docs

May 31, 2018.

Avatar System Completion

SGChain Platform development in progress

SDK, API, in progress

Communications features begins

SGChain Blockchain development in Progress

Marketplace development in Progress

Get Test Demo Access to potential developers

June 29, 2018.

SGChain Blockchain development completed

July 2, 2018.

SGChain Platform completion

SDK, API, completion

Communications features completed

Marketplace features complete

Major Platform features completed

BD/Marketing/PR Push and Focus

Begin Mobile Development and test deployment

August 1, 2018.

Release 5 Simple Casino Style Games

- Poker

- BlackJack

- Roulette

- Craps

- Slots

Continue with PR and Marketing Push

Content Developer Relations and Publishing push

September 3, 2018.

Content Update

Sponsorship Placement Billboards system

October 1, 2018.

Wave 1 release new games

Test Mobile Platform

Halloween Content Update

November 1, 2018.

11/11 Content Update

Rollout of Avatar Room/Residence system

December 3, 2018.

Wave 2 release new games

Content Update for Holidays

Introduce Acceptance of new Cryptocurrencies

January 1, 2019.

Mobile Platform release

Feb 1, 2019.

Valentine's Day Update

Lunar New Years Update

Rollout of Venues Feature

March 1, 2019.

Wave 3 release new games

Rollout Guild/Alliance System

April 1, 2019.

Content Update

Rollout Content Discovery AI System

May 1, 2019.

Wave 4 release new games

Esport Competition Feature

June 3, 2019.

Content Update

July 1, 2019.

Content Update

Guild/Alliance Competition Feature

August 1, 2019.

Wave 5 release new games

Entourage Feature Update

Content Update

September 2, 2019.

Content Update

Horse Racing/Raising Feature

October 1, 2019.

Halloween Content Update

Rollout VIP system

November 1, 2019.

11/11 Content Update

Content Update

December 2, 2019.

Wave 6 release new games

Holiday Content Update

January 1, 2019.

New Year Content Update

February 3, 2020.

Lunar New Years Update

Car Racing/Collecting Feature

March 2, 2020.

Content Update

April 1, 2020.

Wave 7 release new games

Platform wide competition

May 1, 2020.

Content Update

Cryptobetting Feature